Eating and Drinking in Florence

As in many mediterranean areas, cuisine in Florence and Tuscany arise from a very ancient poor tradition. The modern mixing up of fresh and natural ingredients is the result of an old art. Today`s Florence cooking is not very different from that of some centuries ago with the advantage that at the present moment, we can enjoy a very bigger variety of food products. The main target for the people of Florence, today as yesterday, has always been connected with quality: simple dishes but extremely high in quality and taste. The use of aromatical herbs like basil, parsley, thymus and rosemary is very common and widespread in Florentine cuisine. The big variety of tomatoes that we can find on the shelves of markets and supermarkets explains its wide use in many of the dishes of Florence. Being good Tuscans, people in Florence do love meat dishes, among which Florentine steak is their favourite one. Other meat dishes dear to the people of Florence are made of pork, wild boar and rabbit. "Trippa" and "lampredotto", two different beef-based dishes very loved in Florence, have a very old tradition originating in an age when meat dishes were very, very expensive. "Pasta", differently from what is commonly thought, is not as basic as olive oil is in Tuscan cooking . Obviously, every dish is accompanied by one of the many excellent wines of the region. In addition to "pasta"-dishes, typical of the southern geographical area of Italy, food dishes have been introduced in Florentine cuisine because of the influence of the near coast. This is why some restaurants of the town are known for fish cooking. Although fusion cuisine has not been able to establish its power in Florence, as it has been happening in many european cities, Florence cooking owns a real winning style famous all over the world for its excellent and original recipes .


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