Visiting Medici Villas in Florence

First of all, let`s clear up any possible misunderstandings: the Medici villas are no typical Tuscan countryside houses; they are sumptuous buildings that the powerful family of bankers built or acquired between the 15th and the 17th century.

Many important artists participated in their building and decoration, including Vasari, Buontalenti and Michelozzo... just to mention some of them. Moreover, in their finely decorated salons rich in works of art took place some of the most important events in the Medici saga.

Most of them built atop some hills and surrounded by gardens and cultivated fields (for more information read also the chapter of this tourist guide dedicated to parks and gardens), the Medici villas can be divided into major (18) and secondary (about 12).

The major ones are the villas standing in Florence or in its surroundings. In strict alphabetical order, they are: Ambrogiana, Cafaggiolo, Careggi, Cerreto Guidi, Fiesole, Forte Belvedere, La Petraia, Lappeggi, Mezzomonte, Poggio Imperiale, Pratolino and Trebbio.

While some of them are private and therefore are not open to visitors, the tours of those who spend their holidays in Florence always include a visit to those hosting museums and foundations. Many guided visits by bus to the villas are organised starting and arriving in the centre of Florence.

PS: if you are going to stay in Florence some weeks, why do not you grab the chance and visit also the other Tuscan villas that once belonged to the Medicis?


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