Holiday villas for rent in Caprese Michelangelo

Do you want to find out where Michelangelo Buonarroti was born and spend in this breathtaking land your next holiday in Tuscany? Choose one of our villas in Caprese Michelangelo. Among the villas for rent in Caprese Michelangelo listed below we are sure that you will find the villa for you.

Caprese Michelangelo belongs to the territory called Valtiberina in the province of Arezzo. The town lies about 50 kilometers north-east of Arezzo and it is close to Casentino and the border with Umbria to the south and Emilia Romagna to the north. Florence is located less than two hours by car and therefore you can choose to visit the city of the Renaissance in day trips, returning in the evening in Caprese Michelangelo. Look at the David in the Accademia Museum in central Florence and then back in the town of the one who created this magnificent work of art.

Caprese Michelangelo is a town famous mainly because here in the fifteenth century was born one of the most famous Italian artists in the world: Michelangelo. By renting one of our villas in Caprese Michelangelo you can discover not only a beautiful medieval village but also the places where Michelangelo was born and lived some important moments of his life.

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Villa Sansepolcro Villa Sansepolcro

Villa with swimming pool for holidays in Sansepolcro (Arezzo), in Tuscany. Villa with accommodation for 7 people. Internet connection, If requested, free yoga classes.

7 days: min: 1063 € - max: 1688 €
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Villa Casentino Villa Casentino

Vacation villa in Caprese Michelangelo (Arezzo), in Casentino. Sleeps 14, swimming pool, Internet connection. The villa is near the Casentino National Park; riding stable and tennis club within a few kilometres.

7 days: min: 2050 € - max: 2970 €
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Villa Castello Villa Castello

Elegant "Residenza d`epoca" sleeping 9 in Valtiberina, in Sansepolcro (Arezzo). Swimming pool, wide garden, private hallowed chapel, Internet connection. Spas, riding stable, golf club and tennis club in the neighbourhood.

7 days: min: 1200 € - max: 1900 €
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Villa Gusi Villa Gusi

Elegant villa sleeping 12+2 in Casentino, close to Arezzo. Wide garden, panoramic swimming pool, children`s playground, tennis court, wood-burning oven, table-football table, billiard, table-tennis table, Internet connection. Organisation of visits to oil-mills and wineries.

7 days: min: 1900 € - max: 3150 €
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Farmhouse Rassina Farmhouse Rassina

Beautiful modern house sleeping 7 near Rassina (Arezzo), in Casentino. Garden, panoramic swimming pool, barbecue, Internet connection.

7 days: min: 775 € - max: 1675 €
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Farmhouse Lino Farmhouse Lino

Farmhouse sleeping 16 near Subbiano (Arezzo), in Casentino. Wide garden, swimming pool, barbecue.

7 days: min: 950 € - max: 4490 €
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Villa Anna Villa Anna

Villa swimming pool in Valtiberina, near Sansepolcro (Arezzo). Villa with 16+1 sleeping accommodations, park, panoramic view, Internet connection, satellite TV, barbecue, garage.

7 days: min: 1600 € - max: 4933 €
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Villa Del Poggio Villa Del Poggio

Villa for rental vacation near Arezzo, in Tuscany. Villa with accommodation for 6/8/10 people, big garden, panoramic view.

7 days: min: 1255 € - max: 3060 €
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Villa Marmotta Villa Marmotta

Beautiful villa sleeping 10 on the hills around Arezzo, near Subbiano. Swimming pool, wood-burning oven, barbecue, Internet connection. Possibility of purchasing the wine produced in the property. Tuscan dinners are organised upon request.

7 days: min: 1405 € - max: 3885 €
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Palazzo delle Rose Palazzo delle Rose

Ancient luxury villa on the hills of Monterchi (Arezzo) in Tuscany. Villa with accommodation for 8/10/12 people, private swimming pool, panoramic view.

7 days: min: 2345 € - max: 5290 €
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Villa Cipressi Villa Cipressi

Fourteenth-century villa sleeping 10+2 in Valdichiana, near Capolona (Arezzo). Swimming pool, wide garden, Internet connection.

7 days: min: 775 € - max: 2770 €
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Villa Raffaello Villa Raffaello

Villa sleeping 18 in Casentino, in Subbiano (Arezzo). Swimming pool, garden, table-tennis table, barbecue, Internet connection. Dinners at property are organised upon request.

7 days: min: 1895 € - max: 4750 €
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