Villas for vacation rentals in Pescia in Valdinievole

Do you want to stay between Florence, Lucca, the Versilia coast? Choose one of our villas in Pescia near Pistoia. On this page of our website you can find the best deals for villas in Pescia.

Pescia is located in the province of Pistoia and is one of the major cities of Valdinievole. The Nievole, in fact, is the river that passes through this valley. The town is 30 kilometers from Pistoia, 30 km from Lucca and 65 kilometers from Florence. The proximity to the spa towns of Montecatini Terme and Monsummano Terme make it the ideal destination if you love spas and medieval cities. The area is also known for the many plant nurseries.

In the center of Pescia we suggest that you visit the Cathedral and the fourteenth-century bell. The church, however, was rebuilt in 1693. In addition to the Cathedral of Pescia, churches to visit in the beautiful old town are the Church of San Francesco, originally in Gothic style with a chapel frescoed by Lorenzo Bicci Cavalcanti and the Church of Saint Anthony from 1300. Do not miss in Piazza Martini the Palazzo dei Vicari and the Oratory of the Madonna di Piè di Piazza. Among the museums, we point out the Museum of Natural Science and Archaeology of Valdinievole and the Civic Museum with works of the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

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Farmhouse Camaiore Farmhouse Camaiore

Holiday farmhouse sleeping 6+2 people on the hills between Lucca and Montecatini Terme, in Lappato, just a few kilometres from Viareggio and the other tourist destinations in Versilia. Swimming pool, garden, Internet connection, children`s toys, barbecue. Tennis club and riding stable within a few kilometres.

7 days: min: 1160 € - max: 2005 €
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Villa Francesca Villa Francesca

Ancient villa in Bagni di Lucca, in Garfagnana. 8/10 sleeping accommodations, swimming pool, sauna, hydromassage, Internet connection, barbecue. Thermal baths in the vicinity. Just a few kilometres from the beaches of Versilia.

7 days: min: 2700 € - max: 3700 €
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Villa Barbara Villa Barbara

Holiday villa with private swimming pool near Pistoia, in Tuscany. Accommodation for 18 people. Panoramic view .

7 days: min: 1000 € - max: 4000 €
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Villa Pistoia Villa Pistoia

Country villa dating back to the 19th century in Valdinievole, just a few kilometres from Pistoia. 12/19 sleeping accommodations, swimming pool. Internet connection. Fully fenced 20-hectare estate.

7 days: min: 3735 € - max: 5415 €
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Villa Cozzile Villa Cozzile

Villa sleeping 10+1 a few kilometres from Montecatini Terme (Pistoia), in Valdinievole. Wide garden, swimming pool with whirlpool corner, small gym, barbecue. Golf club and thermal baths in a few kilometres.

7 days: min: 1790 € - max: 2980 €
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Villa Valdinievole Villa Valdinievole

Elegant villa dating from the first half of the 19th century near Montecatini Terme (Pistoia) and its thermal baths, in Valdinievole. Sleeps 10+2, swimming pool, wide garden, barbecue equipment, Internet connection. Charming view.

7 days: min: 2445 € - max: 5425 €
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Villa Stefy Villa Stefy

Elegant holiday villa in Versilia, in Capannori, just a few kilometres from Lucca. 10/14 sleeping accommodations, swimming pool, hydromassage, air conditioning, children`s playground, Internet access.

7 days: min: 3240 € - max: 4660 €
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Villa Montecarlo Villa Montecarlo

Holiday villa in Montecarlo (Lucca), just a few kilometres from the beaches of Versilia. 10/13 sleeping accommodations, swimming pool.

7 days: min: 1890 € - max: 2390 €
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