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Geography of Mugello The territory of Mugello is made up of a broad valley to the north of Florence, bordered by the Apennine mountain range to the north, by the Calvana mountains to the west and by the group of Monte Morello-Monte Giovi to the south. In this fine greejn valley, partly traversed by the river Sieve, scattered with wooded hills and with the added attraction of the new Bilancino lake, are the towns ofjVaglia, San Piero a Sieve, Borgo San Lorenzo, Vicchio, Scarperia and Barberino di Mugello. Asqending towards the Apennines, on the border with Emilia Romagna, amidst forests of beech, chestnut and oak we come to Firenzuo la, Palazzuolo sul Senio and Marradi
Territory of Mugello Mugello is a fairly extensive territory crossed by numerous roads, several of which, especially the crest routes, are extremely panoramic although not always easy or rapid. The name Mugello appears to derive from the first inhabitants of the valley, the Ligurian Magelli, who were followed by the Etruscans and later by the Romans.

A land made up of numerous feuds during the Middle Ages, it was not until the fourteenth century that it enjoyed a period of decisive economic and social growth, partly as a result of the rise of the Medici, the powerful Florentine family which originated from this area, protagonists of Tuscan history from the fourteenth to the early eighteenth century. The traces of the Medici in Mugello are numerous - villas, castles, fortifications, convents - expressions of economic power but also of cultural and artistic ferment .
Characteristic Features of Mugello To appreciate Mugello at its best, it`s important to take plenty of time to discover the numerous churches scattered over the territory and the works of art great and small housed in the many museums, frequently set up in very fine premises, and to savour every aspect of the landscape. An ideal way to travel is by train (this too slow and easy) along the route of the recently reactivated Faentina railway line, or to take to your feet and traverse the numerous hiking itineraries leading to waterfalls, mountain peaks or springs through a series of round paths. The unspoilt natural environment, and the care taken by man to preserve the authenticity of his traditions, enable the ongoing production of top quality products: milk, chestnuts, mushrooms and white truffles, as well as the meat, game and cheeses which have always been at the basis of a simple, tasty cuisine. Mugello, like the entire Province, possesses an extremely valuable cultural and artistic heritage, housed largely in the local museums which, although often small in size, are nevertheless very important in terms of the value of the works on display and above all of the cultural identity of the territory. They are authentic gems gathered within the diffused museum system promoted by the Florentine Provincial Authority and metaphorically entitled "the string of pearls". ... from ` Mugello ` ( Apt Florence )

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